2020 BMW Z4 M40i / 0 to 60 MPH in 3.9 Sec. / 19
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2020 BMW Z4 M40i is the next generation roadster for BMW. The Z4 M40i is the newest member to the M performance lineup. The M performance line is the best of both worlds. Designed for individuals who enjoy spirited driving, the car is also accessible for the every day driver. Amazing exhaust sound in the sport mode!! You can follow Lauren on Instagram at bmwlauren. PLEASE share on your other media sources like FACEBOOK. BMW Review. Car Review. If you are looking for a New or Used BMW and live in the State of California, Please contact me. Thanks for watching!

New 616bhp BMW M8 Competition revealed
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BMW has finally applied proper M division treatment to the flagship 8 Series, revealing the brand new BMW M8 Competition. The result is the most powerful production M car ever and new territory for BMW, given the brand never gave us a showroom ready M8 version of the original E31 8 Series.

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The first-ever BMW M8 Coupé
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The pinnacle of driving luxury: #TheM8 Competition Coupé with M xDrive is the most powerful and extravagant vehicle in the BMW M8 Coupé range.
BMW M8 Competition Coupe: 460 kW/625 hp; acceleration: 3.2 seconds; fuel consumption combined:10.6 – 10.5 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 242 – 238 g/km.
The fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures are determined according to the European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the version applicable. The figures refer to a vehicle with basic configuration in Germany. The range shown considers the different sizes of the selected wheels/tyres and the selected items of optional equipment, and may vary during configuration.

The values are based on the new WLTP test cycle and are translated back into NEDC-equivalent values in order to ensure comparability between the vehicles. With respect to these vehicles, for vehicle-related taxes or other duties based (at least inter alia) on CO2 emissions, the CO2 values may differ from the values stated here (depending on national legislation).
Correct as at: 01.06.2019
Further information on official fuel consumption figures and specific CO2 emission values of new passenger cars is included in the following guideline: 'Leitfaden über den Kraftstoffverbrauch, die CO2-Emissionen und den Stromverbrauch neuer Personenkraftwagen' (Guide to the fuel economy, CO2 emissions and electric power consumption of new passenger cars), which can be obtained free of charge from all dealerships, from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and at https://www.dat.de/co2/.

Amazing Real BMW Transformer
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Letrons first model and leader “Antimon” took 8 months to complete.

Letrons can be for sale if the buyers project and their reasons for use, meets the criteria of the Letrons team.

Antimon has been built using an actual car.

The cars are not drivable in traffic yet. They function via remote control. This is possible in the near future due to its electric engine.

Walking functionality was not developed for Antimon. The walking functionality can be added if a reasonable funding is provided for a new research and development project.

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Thanks to www.letrons.com

All the Best.

The BMW M5 2019 Test Drive
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Welcome to Alaatin61! Here is the New 2019 BMW M5 Test Drive.
The Most Powerfull M5 ever. This version has 600 hp.
Made Possible by BMW BREEMAN Rotterdam the Netherlands.

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MERCEDES AMG https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLmvqcrBfDQx
FERRARI https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLmvqcrBfDQx
BMW M https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLmvqcrBfDQx
PORSCHE https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLmvqcrBfDQx
LAMBORGHINI https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLmvqcrBfDQx
AUDI RS https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLmvqcrBfDQx
ROLLS ROYCE https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLmvqcrBfDQx
VOLKSWAGEN https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLmvqcrBfDQx

In my videos I show you what the vehicle is all about. I give information about the performance data, the features and the trims that are available. I exlpain how to use the interior and exterior features. Also I do a walkaround to show the unique differences about the vehicle. With my presentation you will get a better idea of the vehicle without getting to a dealership!

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725HP BMW 325i E30 Turbo vs Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
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During yesterdays RACE1000 I have filmed a battle between a modified BMW 325i E30 Turbo with 725HP against a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4! This is a 1/2 Mile straight (804 meters) drag race! I hope you enjoy the video.

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Thanks for watching!

Chris /CvdZijden

#cvdzijden #BMWE30 #LamborghiniAventador

5 Horas en un BMW eléctrico
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#BMW #AutosEléctricos #MotorEléctrico

Matuk y Pontón viajaron 416 kilómetros de la Ciudad de México a San Luis Potosí por el corredor eléctrico de BMW y pusieron a prueba los vehículos del fabricante alemán.

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2019 BMW X5 Review | First India Drive | Autocar India
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The X5 was the car that first put the S in SUV, and 20 years on, many more have followed suit. This fourth-generation BMW X5, however, has grown larger and more luxurious, so could it really still be as good to drive as the ones that went before it. Gavin D'Souza couldn't wait to find out; so much so that he hung around after the car's launch and drove the car straight off the show floor!

#BMW #X5 #TeamAutocar

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The first-ever BMW M8 Coupe and Convertible. Official Launch Film.
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Originating from a vision, built from ambition – the the first-ever BMW M8 Coupe and Convertible embody an unprecedented symbiosis of sophistication and athleticism. They symbolize a new, independent form of the avant-garde while bringing together two opposite worlds: modern luxury and classic motor racing. Imagine a world, where a car can bring you absolute balance, where the inexhaustible potential of M automobiles meets the passionate flamboyance of the BMW luxury class.

► If you want to know more about the first-ever BMW M8 Coupe, take a look here: https://redirect.bmw.com/m8coupe
► If you want to know more about the first-ever BMW M8 Convertible, take a look here: https://redirect.bmw.com/m8convertible
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Characteristic M design: large air intakes, BMW kidney grille with double bars, M gills on the flanks, rear spoiler, and rear apron with diffusor elements and twin exhaust tailpipes.

High-revving V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology. Two turbochargers, cross-bank exhaust manifolds, cooling and oil supply concept optimised for track use, sports exhaust system with electrically controlled flaps delivers emotionally rich soundtrack.
Power transfer via eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic and M xDrive all-wheel drive. Rear-biased set-up and link-up with Active M Differential. Choice of three modes: 4WD, 4WD Sport and 2WD with pure rear-wheel drive and deactivated driving stability control.

World premiere at the BMW Group NextGen event in Munich on 25 – 27 June 2019, market launch from September 2019.

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Retirement is about exploring your Wide Open Future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rx7-ec0p0A

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BMW M8 Coupé fuel consumption combined: 10.6 – 10.5 l/100 km (26.6 – 26.9 mpg imp); CO2 emissions combined: 242 – 238 g/km
BMW M8 Competition Coupé fuel consumption combined: 10.6 – 10.5 l/100 km (26.6 – 26.9 mpg imp); CO2 emissions combined: 242 – 238 g/km
BMW M8 Convertible fuel consumption combined: 10.8 – 10.6 l/100 km (26.2 – 26.6 mpg imp); CO2 emissions combined: 246 – 241 g/km
BMW M8 Competition Convertible fuel consumption combined: 10.8 – 10.6 l/100 km (26.2 – 26.6 mpg imp); CO2 emissions combined: 246 – 241 g/km
The values of fuel consumptions, CO2 emissions and energy consumptions shown were determined according to the European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the version applicable at the time of type approval. The figures refer to a vehicle with basic configuration in Germany and the range shown considers optional equipment and the different size of wheels and tires available on the selected model. The values of the vehicles are already based on the new WLTP regulation and are translated back into NEDC-equivalent values in order to ensure the comparison between the vehicles. [With respect to these vehicles, for vehicle related taxes or other duties based (at least inter alia) on CO2-emissions the CO2 values may differ to the values stated here.] The CO2 efficiency specifications are determined according to Directive 1999/94/EC and the European Regulation in its current version applicable. The values shown are based on the fuel consumption, CO2 values and energy consumptions according to the NEDC cycle for the classification. For further information about the official fuel consumption and the specific CO2 emission of new passenger cars can be taken out of the „handbook of fuel consumption, the CO2 emission and power consumption of new passenger cars“, which is available at all selling points and athttps://www.dat.de/angebote/ve....rlagsprodukte/leitfa
Sheer Driving Pleasure.
#TheM8 #BMW #8series

New BMW M8 Competition 2020 - see why it's the ultimate M car!
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This is the new BMW M8 Competition! For those of you who wanted even more from BMW’s range-topping 8 Series, the M8 Competition will be right up your street! With the same 4.4-litre V8 as fitted in the M5 Competition, the M8 will produce 625hp and 750nm of torque… So it’s no surprise it comes with a price tag starting from £123k! But would you choose it over an S63 or a Continental GT? Let us know in the comments!

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Check out the competition:

Mercedes S-Class Coupe - http://bit.ly/-Mercedes-S-Class-Coupe-Review

Bentley Continental GT - http://bit.ly/-Bentley-Continental-GT-Review

Porsche Panamera - http://bit.ly/-Porsche-Panamera-Review

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Top 10 The Most Popular Turkish Actresses 2019
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List of Top 10 The Most Popular Turkish Actresses 2019. Turkey film industry has many talented actresses who are not only making the name in Turkey one but also have a big fan following in the entire middle east and all across the globe. Some of the actresses are purely based on television while some can be seen in both tv and movies.

Good looks and amazing acting skills help these women achieve good work and fame among the people. So, here is the list of top 10 most beautiful and hottest Turkish actresses in 2019.

#Top 10

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You can find these info in video,

Top 10 The Most Popular Turkish Actresses 2019
The Most Popular Turkish Actresses
Most Popular Turkish Actresses 2019
most beautiful,beautiful turkish actress
All Images use to make this video is from Google Search www.google.com/images all are taken from Google Image search and using Advanced Image Search option. usage rights: "free to use,

Free Music from NCS


Top 10 Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses 2019 - You Must See
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses 2019 - You Must See







Age 31 Years

Age 34 Years



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I declare that all Images use to make this video is from Google search.

Top 10 Beautiful Turkish actress 2018
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Top 10 turkish actress 2018. All Turkish actresses look gorgeous and beautiful.
Hande ercrl
fahriye Evcen
Hazal Kaya
Beren Saat
Naslihan Atagul
demet Ozdemir
serenya sarikaya
Elcin Sangu
This is the list of beautiful turkish actress 2018.

Elimi Bırakma 43. Bölüm
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43. Bölümde neler oluyor?



Kanala Abone Olmak İçin


Dizinin Künyesi
Kanal: TRT1
Yapım : Üs Yapım
Oyuncular : Alp Navruz, Alina Boz, Dolunay Soysert, Cemre Gümeli, Seray Gözler Yeniay, Burak Tamdoğan, Gökçe Yanardağ, Ertuğrul Postoğlu, Ebru Aykaç, Batuhan Ekşi, İpek Filiz Yazıcı, Cemre Baysel, Emre Bey, Sueda Çil, Yıldırım Şimşek, Emre Ozan, Yiğit Kağan Yazıcı, Özgür Kaymak, Ercan Özdal,
Yönetmen: Sadullah Celen
Yapımcı: Süreyya Yaşar Önal

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Üs Yapım Hakkında

Üs Yapım 2012 yılında Süreyya Önal tarafından kuruldu.
Yapımdan post prodüksiyona kadar her aşamasını kendi bünyesinde tasarlamakta ve uygulamakta olan Üs Yapım,
reality, talkshow, belgeseller ve drama alanında televizyon formatları hazırlamakta,
Türkiye’nin önde gelen televizyon kanalları için içerik üretmektedir.


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Üs Yapım İletişim

Kanala Abone Olmak İçin

Elimi Bırakma 42. Bölüm
191 Views · 3 years ago

Azra’nın Faruk tarafından kaçırıldığından emin olan Cenk onu aramaya başlar. Azra’nın bıraktığı ipucu sayesinde Azra’ya ulaştığında katilin Burhan olduğu gerçeğini öğrenir. Kızının kaza geçirmesinin sebebinin Burhan olduğundan habersiz olan Sumru, ölüm kalım savaşı veren Cansu’nun başındadır. Öte yandan Burhan’ın katil olduğundan şüphelenen Azmi ve Mesut onu takip ederken, aslında adım adım Azra ve Cenk’e ulaşacaklarının farkında değildirler...

Elimi Bırakma 41. Bölüm
43 Views · 3 years ago

Cansu babasıyla ilgili bir karar verir ve onu polise teslim etmek üzere harekete geçer. Azra ve Cenk, miras meselesinin açılması nedeniyle tartışırlar. Çok kırılan Azra, Cenk’i arkasında bırakıp çekip giderken başına geleceklerden henüz habersizdir. Zerrin ise tüm çabalarına rağmen yaptıklarının ortaya çıkmasına engel olamayacaktır… Serap’ın vicdanı galip gelir ve annesiyle ilgili gerçekleri anlatır… Zerrin’in kaderi Cenk’in vereceği karara bağlıdır artık…

Elimi Bırakma 40. Bölüm
48 Views · 3 years ago

Ses kaydını dinleyen ve babasının katil olduğunu öğrenen Cansu, hayatının en büyük şokunu yaşamaktadır. Azmi ve Mesut, adım adım Kemal’in katiline yaklaşmaktadır. Azra ve Cenk’i ise yaklaşan düğünün heyecanı sarmıştır. Cenk’in Azra’ya vermeyi planladığı düğün hediyesi Azra’nın hayal bile edemeyeceği kadar anlamlıdır. Azra da Cenk’e bir sürpriz hazırlamaktadır. Zerrin evinin satışını herkesten gizlemeye çalışırken Feride, dünürünün iflas ettiğini öğrenir. Zerrin’in kaderi Feride’nin ellerindedir şimdi…

Elimi Bırakma 39. Bölüm
55 Views · 3 years ago

Azra ve Cenk’i tatlı bir düğün telaşı sarmışken, Feride Azra’yı bohça alışverişine çıkarmak ister. Ailenin bütün kadınlarının katıldığı bu alışverişte istikamet Kapalıçarşı’dır.

Bu sırada Azra’ya hazırlayacağı sürpriz için Cansu’dan yardım isteyen Cenk, hiç ummadığı bir durum ile karşılaşacaktır.

Öte yandan Burhan’la ilgili şüpheleri artan Azmi Mesut’a yaklaşır. Azmi ve Mesut Burhan’la ilgili bir ipucuna ulaşabilecekler midir?

Elimi Bırakma 36. Bölüm
49 Views · 3 years ago

Parayı Faruk’a veren Azra, Cenk’in beklenmedik bir anda gelmesiyle babasının katilini öğrenme şansını kaçırır. Skandala sebep olan videonun Ferhat Usta'nın telefonundan çıkması üzerine Cenk'in Ferhat Usta'yı ihanetle suçlaması, Cenk ve Azra arasında gerilime sebep olur. Feride ise, bir yandan şirketin itibarını kurtarmak ve kaybedilen iş anlaşmasını geri kazanmak için uğraşırken; bir yandan da Ferhat Usta'nın suçsuzluğunu ortaya çıkarmak niyetiyle harekete geçer.

Halka 19. Bölüm (Sezon Finali)
35 Views · 3 years ago

Halka 19. Bölüm Özeti:

Cihangir Kaan’ın polise çalıştığını anlamıştır. Çağatay İskender’in yaşadığını anlamış ve onu Altemur’a götürmek üzere yola çıkmıştır. Sadece Cihangir ve Kaan’ın değil, İskender’in Müjde’nin hatta İlhan’ın da hayatları tehlikededir. Halka’nın içindeki küçük Halka, zor duruma düşecektir. Birlik olmaya en ihtiyaçları olduğu anda, geçmişteki sırların açığa çıkması herkesi birbirinden uzaklaştırmıştır. Bu durum Çağatay ve Altemur’a karşı herkesi savunmasız hale getirmekte, tehlikenin boyutunu ve gücünü büyütmektedir.

#Halka her Salı 20.00'de #TRT1'de!

Mafyanın, paranın ve entrikanın konuşulduğu karanlık dünyayı yıkmaya çalışan Cihangir ve Kaan'ın mücadelesi!

Halka'ya abone olmak için: http://bit.ly/2FHLg6c
Kanalımıza abunə olmaq üçün buraya vurun: http://bit.ly/2ICRoPo
For Official YouTube Channel click here: http://bit.ly/2H2KUqN
Zur Offiziellen YouTube-Kanal Klicken: http://bit.ly/2NxzcWd

Daha fazla bilgi için: https://www.trt1.com.tr/diziler/halka

Serkan Çayoğlu - Cihangir
Hande Erçel - Müjde
Kaan Yıldırım - Kaan
Hazal Subaşı - Bahar
Nazan Kesal - Hümeyra
Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan - Cemal
Burak Sergen - İlhan
Erdal Yıldız - Terzi
Umut Karadağ - İskender
Funda İlhan - Gülay
Dilan Telkök - İrem
Şehsuvar Aktaş - Vekilharç
Serhat Midyat - Altan

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