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Cennet - Episode 1

2 Views· 07/19/23

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Abandoned when she was a little baby, Cennet yearns for a mother’s love she has always missed. There are few things in Cennet's life that is more important than her best friend. However, an accident separates them. Years later, Cennet becomes the top of her class while studying architecture despite her painful past. After their graduation, her university friend Melisa's mother offers her the job of her dreams at her successful firm. She meets Selim there, and Selim begins to remember his long-forgotten childhood friend Cennet. Melisa's mother, who is planning to marry her daughter to Selim, does not feel very happy about their relationship and events start to take place.

Characters: Almila Ada (Cennet), Berk Atan (Selim Arısoy), Zehra Yılmaz (Melisa Soyer), Esra Ronabar (Arzu Soyer), Yusuf Akgün (Orhan Soyer)

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